Just Breathe

There is something quite powerful about taking a deep breath.

We breathe in and out, every moment, of every day.  The average person takes about 28,800 breaths per day!  And we do it without a thought about what we are doing or how absolutely necessary it is to our survival.

In and out.

Not really noticing how much our body needs that oxygen to keep us alive. It is taken for granted. So much so that we can forget about taking deep, slow, full breaths.

In and out.

When my children come to me after a fall or a hurt, they are sometimes a little worked up.  Tears, noise and often gasping for a breath, while they try and tell the story of their drama.  My first response is to get them to STOP… and take some deep breaths.

And as they do, I watch as it begins to change their expression, the tension starts to fade and they begin to calm down.

Sometimes God whispers to me… just breathe.

In and out.

I can have a thousand things playing through my mind. I can be trying to deal with a hurt or manage some emotions about an issue in my world.  Or simply grapple with questions, injustices or unknowns.

But when I sit alone with God… the first thing I hear is… STOP and Breathe.

And as I do, it creates a space.

I close my eyes

Clear my heart

and let go.

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Letting go

Letting go is not always an easy thing to do.   It can be a painful process to release from your grip things or people close to your heart.  And I am a heart person.  I live by my convictions and by the voice of my God in my life – but I live it with heart.  And sometimes that hurts!

Recently God has been shifting some things in my life and He is clearly leading me through a season of inner change.  God is doing a deep work in me at the moment and some of that looks like letting go of stuff.

It kinda feels like something is being put to death and new life is coming.  God has reminded me that as He is in this season with me, so will He be in the season of the new.  The old has gone and the new has come.

A new understanding, a new perspective, a new hope, a new dream.  A new way of thinking and doing minsitry.  A new day, a new season.  A new awakening.

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Don’t you just love surprises!

Just thought you would all like to know we found a Ferret in our house tonight.  Well actually my 14 month old son found it.

I was just finishing up bathing my three children, had the two out and dressed and was just about to get my middle child out of the bath.  I noticed that my 14month old kept going down the passage to investigate something in his brothers room.  After about the third time I came out into the hallway to see what it was and a white ferret was following behind him.

Wanna guess my response…. I squelled and jumped into my daughters bedroom, leaving the baby out in the hallway with his new friend.  Only for a moment though, until I realised I needed to grab the baby too.  The ferret seemed more frightened than us and even a little tame, and he scooted off into another bedroom.  I followed this time and shut the door.   Then I just burst into laughter!

My heart racing, I rang hubby and then a pest control.  Soon the ferret was safely caught in a cage and taken away!  He even looked a little cuter behind bars!  We think it must of been someone’s pet and had gotten lost.

Don’t you just love surprises!

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Crazy Weather, crazy Day, crazy Life!

So I had one of those days yesterday!  Not quite like some I am sure but wasn’t it a crazy day with the weather.

We woke up to my little girl feeling sick.  I kept her home from school as I was not confident she would last the day.  One minute she was fine and the next minute she was in pain!  So the morning went ok, but then I took my son to kinder at lunch time and on the way home from dropping him off, my worst nightmare happened.  Before I knew what was happening, my little girl was sick in the car.  Arrgghh!  Yuck.  Not pretty.  I was not prepared as I should of been.  The rest of the day was a little crazy!

I have found over the past week, moments where I am left thinking, this isn’t what I had planned, or how I thoughts things would be.  The unexpected and unplanned in life, has a regular way of showing up. 

But I have found that for me, as I walk through those crazy, unexpected happenings of life, that the only way to manage them is to get used to them.  Not that I walk around waiting for things to go wrong or anything, but more often than not, something different to what I thought, happens and I am faced with a choice.

I am learning to learn from these experiences and then to do them better next time.  All an opportunity to make me stronger, more patient, more grateful for life.  And besides, it keeps life interesting eh?

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Listen to your Life

I believe that the everyday moments and experiences of our lives, serve to teach us and remind us of God’s presence in our worlds.  And ultimately our stories connect others to God.

We must pay attention to our lives.  Even that which seems boring or mundane or normal can be a significant way God speaks to us and others.  Taking the kids to school, chatting to the mums, doing the shopping, catching the train to work, going through the check out at the grocery store – none of these events are commonplace to God. 

He is present within it.  Inviting us to recognise Him or not.  Leaving room for us to listen to our lives – to learn, to love, to laugh, to cry, to speak, to listen, to reveal.

These connections we discover, as we listen to our lives, God uses to breathe life and understanding into our lives.

Pay attention to every moment, of everyday God gives you.  So that you can be someone God uses to reveal Himself to others.

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We all live for something

What does one say in a time of tragedy and devastation such as we have seen and experienced over the last week with the Victorian bushfires.  I have been at a loss for words as I have watched helplessly at the heartache and pain on the faces of those who have lost possessions and loved ones.

Report after report stirs emotion in me that feels overwhelming at times.  And all I can do is utter a prayer to God.  Offer some clothes and money to try and help those affected.

I saw one report this morning showing the personal story of a family who have lost their dad.  He was fighting till the end but sadly it was not enough.  I was sobered to hear his son state that he wanted his dad to be remembered as someone who loved God and served God.

We all live for something.

And I guess as some of us stand a little removed from what is happening in the bushfires we are challenged to consider the same for our lives.  Witnessing the devastation and the loss of others, hearing their stories, always challenges us to take stock ourselves and evaluate what matters in our own lives.

What is it that you live for?

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Caught in the sugar!

Caught in the sugar!  And notice his brother enjoying the taste!

Caught in the sugar! And notice his brother enjoying the taste!

This is fun making patterns

This is fun making patterns

So yesterday I was super organised.  I bathed the kids early and had prepared the evening meal before I had to rush out and pick up Corey from work.  I thought I would quickly duck in the shower myself and be prepared for the night as we were going out to the prayer meeting.  The kids were happily playing together.
I would have only been about 5 mins.  A lot can happen in 5 mins!
I walked back into the kitchen only to discover that my 13month old had found the sugar bag and emptied it all over the floor.
In that moment I could have laughed or cried!  I decided to laugh.  After all it did look like fun.  Sitting in the middle of sweetness.  My 3 year old son decided he would take advantage of the situation and began to ‘help clean up’ by scooping up what he could in his hands and eating it!  Then when I asked him not to do that, he ran off to find a straw and came back to help!  Boys!
It was all rather funny.  Quite messy but funny.
It got me wondering what other stories are out there of the things kids get into and up to.  If you have any funny ones, I would love you to post them.
They keep life sweet don’t they!
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