To be honest

Words fail me when I think about God’s love.​
It doesn’t really do it justice.

God is love.
He just is.
How do you describe the love of God?
How do you do it justice?

God’s love is so deep, so high, so wide for me.
So to begin to express that with words, is to underestimate it.

It seems that for me, in the hardest places, the darkest seasons, the loneliest moments, I have in fact encountered the deepest of God’s love.
The relentless, overbearing love of God.

Seems ironic.
When in a culture that promotes a
warm fuzzy,
heart fluttery
kind of feeling of love.

How do I find God’s love in real life?
How do I know that I am loved by an incredible God when I am looking for a feeling?
Almost craving it. Craving to feel it… To feel love. To know love..

It seems to me, to be too easy to feel God’s love when I’m soaring on the mountaintop.
To feel God’s love when all is well.
And that’s all completely necessary and a part of God revealing His love to us.
But what about that other stuff we encounter in our lives.
Rejection; Hurt; Pain; Disappointment; Grief; Betrayal; Sin..
Nothing can separate us..right?

Well certainly the cross, the ultimate act of Love for you and I, wasn’t a mountain top experience for Jesus.
I’m sure.
It was an ugly, despicable, horrifying violence.
And yet..
The most magnificent, profound, beautiful act of love, one could ever know.
Pure love.
The bible calls it a manifestation of His Love (1 John 4)

One of the interesting experiences of life that have taught me about God’s love is Rejection.
Rejection has taught me about the Love of God.
In my constant search for acceptance and peace with people. Trying all I can do to avoid being rejected.
And still it comes.
In the face of rejection, I am confronted to see my own fears and flesh and yet at the very same time, I get a raw picture of the depth of the love of God for me.
A miracle really.
Because as my esteem is rejected and as my person is diminished, God’s perfect love for me remains.
It reminds me that only He can meet my hunger for love and acceptance.
And I stand revealed, exposed, vulnerable & broken. In the face of this love, only to find God is here.
God Himself.
So Perfect.
And it covers me.
Rejected and yet fully loved.

And isn’t that in fact the miracle of the Love of God.
Like NO OTHER kind of love.

That the love of God is UN-BIASED, UN-INFLUENCED.
God’s love for me and for each of us was entirely unmoved by anything in us.
What was there in me to attract the heart of God?
But on the contrary, everything to repel Him.
Nothing good in me.
We have love for one another because of what is in them.
But God does not love like this.
He loves us first
He loves simply because He is LOVE
It is not only that God loves
But that He is love itself. (1John 4:8)
Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love
His love is un-influenced by anything in me.
That’s a miracle.

And that the love of God is ETERNAL.
It doesn’t run out.
Jeremiah 31:3 says: He loves us with an everlasting love
And draws us with His love
His love never gives up (Psalm 136)
He has always loved me
Before anyone else did
And will always love me
It has no end.
There is no fear.
Because God’s love is perfect and eternal
Because God’s love is un-influenced by us
We have no fear on Judgement day
Our standing is with Christ.
That’s a miracle.

And that the love of God is LIMITLESS, INFINITE.
A depth and width and height that none can fully fathom
It is beyond great.
Beyond time and space
Beyond my sin
Not limited by my fears or failings
It is not contained or restrained
It cannot be boxed up or summed up
No measure, no boundary
No time frame nor conditions
It’s wild and it’s crazy
It’s passionate and it’s extravagant
It’s over the top and then some more
As God is unlimited, so is His love
That’s a miracle.
That’s the love of God

About Simone

I am a pastor, a wife, a mum, daughter, sister, aunty, friend and I consider each day a blessing and a privilege to live out the calling on my life. I want to make each day count for eternity
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