A Time to be Quiet

Can you hear it?

Turn off the music, turn off the TV.
Turn off the phone and the computer. Turn off the iPod and the iPad.
And Listen.

Do you hear that?

It’s quietness.
She’s always there.
Like a faithful, loyal friend.

Not always noticed or acknowledged.
But always there.

Quietness is like the shy younger sister who always gets overshadowed by her older, more outgoing, louder big sister.

She sits and she waits for you.

Knowing you will need, you will crave to be still and listen, eventually.

She understands that we love to be doing and we love to be busy. It makes us somehow feel like our lives are more significant if we can keep on achieving.

She understands that we need to know we have a purpose and time is running out and we can’t waste any of it. And there is so much we dream to do…to be…

But quietness is waiting because when we stop it is there we can find who we truly are and what is deep in our hearts. We can truly listen. Fully hear.

Be quiet,
Be still.
Be still and know.
Be still and know
That He is God.

About Simone

I am a pastor, a wife, a mum, daughter, sister, aunty, friend and I consider each day a blessing and a privilege to live out the calling on my life. I want to make each day count for eternity
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